At Exclusive Africa we have taken the time and care to collaborate with suppliers and lodges that we feel embody our core values of authenticity, value and experience. The suppliers are carefully selected so as to create the perfect experience which will forever be a memory for every client to cherish. We do always try to tailor-make each and every experience as we feel that whilst some travelers are happy to experience what others have had before them, most feel they would like to be doing something uniquely “theirs” and hence we offer this fully tailored experience. The below are merely a guideline or call it a starting point.


This is a great example of a Northern circuit itinerary in Tanzania. The itinerary takes in the hustle and bustle of Arusha, the famous Tarangire National Park with its thousand year old Baobab trees, the Ngorongoro National Park which is a must see and of course the world famous Serengeti National Park. The itinerary is fantastic as a stand alone product but can also be easily combined with a Kenyan extension.


This itinerary is spectacular! Explore Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika, Uganda and Rwanda in its search for these amazing endangered primates. The itinerary is something that can only be described once experienced but has been put together in a conversation minded fashion with the most time spent in trying to experience the way these amazing animals have lived and survived in a symbiotic way with humans for so long.

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